Porcelain Veneers South El Monte

What To Expect From Porcelain veneers South El Monte

Porcelain veneers South El Monte are a great way to have a wonderful smile. There are several reasons why you might not have that perfect look. Maybe you have spacing issues with your teeth or they have become stained over the years of smoking and drinking coffee.

Regardless of the reasons, getting porcelain veneers can help improve your smile and self-esteem at the same time. It’s a quick and easy process and we’ve listed the steps for you below as a handy reference.


porcelain-veneersIt’s important to understand everything about the process and that’s why a consultation is a logical first step. Of course it’s important for the dentist to take stock of your general oral health. People considering this procedure should also realize that it’s permanent. There’s a process whereby your natural teeth are made ready for the veneers that can’t be reversed.

If you’re an accepted candidate, the next step is picking out the details for the veneers that you’ll want. There are several choices you’ll need to make including the width and color that will go into your new smile.

The Porcelain veneers South El Monte Process

You need to make a few visits to see us during the process which generally takes several weeks. Dental professionals make a mold of your mouth that will be the template for making these new veneers. These veneers are permanently cemented over your teeth for a lasting beautiful smile.

There are a few common problems porcelain veneers South El Monte usually fix including:

  • Teeth have become chipped or broken. If you play contact sports, the chances are you might have a dental mishap these veneers can fix.
  • Teeth with gaps can also be fixed by dental veneers.
  • Some teeth just become worn down with age and use. This cosmetic dentistry procedure can give folks with this particular issue a brand-new smile.

This is the procedure that provides a natural tooth appearance. Another advantage is in the fact that the gum accepts porcelain. Finally, these veneers are stain resistant which means they have a long life span.

Veneers have one last distinct advantage. They don’t usually require extensive shaping of your existing teeth. If you have any questions or concerns about this or any other dental procedure, why not get in touch with us today? We’d be only too happy to explain everything about our Porcelain veneers South El Monte services.

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