Whether you have misaligned teeth or need to improve the appearance of the jaw area, an orthodontist can help.

Orthodontists at Tyler Dental Care specialize in diagnosis and treatment of crooked and misaligned teeth. Treatments that fall under orthodontics can improve your facial appearance by correcting the position and function of crooked teeth in your mouth.

You should visit an orthodontist if you can’t smile confidently or eat properly due to your misaligned or crooked teeth.

Why visiting an orthodontist is important?

Tyler Dental Care orthodontist specializes in improving your smile using various treatments. If you have any of the following oral health issues, an orthodontist can help.

  • Misaligned teeth making your smile unattractive
  • Malocclusions or bad bites such as overbite, underbite, and crossbite
  • Gap between teeth
  • Overcrowded teeth

Once you visit your orthodontist, he or she will determine the treatment that’s right for you. You will have straight teeth and you will love your smile like never before.

Orthodontics treatments

An orthodontist will fix your teeth to give you a confident smile. At Tyler Dental Care, we have several options to improve your crooked and misaligned teeth including braces, wires, and retainers. We always embrace the latest technology, allowing our patients to make use of other corrective appliances as well.

Orthodontics appliances used in various treatments are either fixed or removable.

Fixed appliances

  • Braces: This is the most common dental appliance used for gradually moving teeth to their proper position.
  • Special fixed appliances: These appliances are only used in rare cases since they make it extremely difficult to eat.
  • Fixed space maintainers: This group of appliances is used to fill the space for permanently lost teeth in babies. It ensures that the permanent teeth grow in their place.

Removable appliances

  • Aligners: If you don’t like the metal wires and brackets, your orthodontist may recommend aligners. This alternative to braces is easier for patients to live with as it’s removable.
  • Space maintainers: You can choose removable space maintainers for your kids if they are uncomfortable with fixed space maintainers.
  • Splints: These appliances are used for proper jaw positioning. They are removable so you can put them on only when at home.
  • Other removable appliances: You orthodontist may recommend other removable appliances to improve your teeth. These can include lip and check bumpers, headgears, palatal expander, and removable retainers.

An orthodontist will help you fight malocclusions and gradually improve your smile. You feel good about yourself and smile more often.